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Relax and enjoy?

Expect the unexpected in PNG. Keep an open mind; schedules/itinerary may and can change without notice, internal transfers may be late, planes may be late due to bad weather, please understand it is out of our control.

Schedules work to PNG time, not Australian time. Patience and a relaxed attitude are essential for an enjoyable trek. All internal flights are booked and confirmed through the Kokoda Spirit office.

What are the walking times and distances each day

  • Wake up time on the track is usually around 5.00 am
  • Breakfast on the track is usually served from 6.00 am
  • We usually start walking around 7.00 am
  • There is usually a 5-10 minute break every 30 mins or so along the track and a stop for morning tea and lunch.
  • The walking pace is a consistent but reasonably easy pace. This can vary depending on the terrain.
  • Each walking day will vary between 5 to 9 hours with 7 to 8 hours being the average. On average, arrival times in the camps and villages are around 2.30pm to 3.30p.m. 

What food do we eat on the Kokoda Track?

Below is a general outline of meals whilst on the trek.

  • The Trek Master and the team organise and cook all your meals. They also take care of the washing up. The porters are also well catered for with food on the Track.
  • Breakfasts we have cereals, usually Weet-Bix or porridge, rice cakes with spread and limited fruits depending on availability, tea, coffee, biscuits, sometimes pancakes and damper.
  • Lunches are often canned meats spam, beef and fish, fruit, cheeses, biscuits, spreads, rice crackers and snack bars.
  • Dinners are fresh local vegies, potatoes, rice and pastas with the cooks special PNG mixes rotated on alternative nights. Pre dinner snacks may be soup, popcorn, biscuits. Tea and coffee is available.
  • The meals are large, filling and very nourishing.
  • Food may vary due to season and/or availability.
  • We recommend you take your own scroggin/snacks e.g. lollies, muesli bars, energy bars, trail mix etc for extra supplements. 
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