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Lyall Willis

Why Kokoda?  It has been a goal of mine since I first became aware as a teenager of the sacrifices made by the soldiers of Australia who believed our nation was worth dying for and so many did pay that ultimate price.

My Father actually fought in the later years of the war in Papua New Guinea and surrounding Islands. He didn’t  talk of this time and rarely attended Anzac Services or marches.  I had little understanding of his involvement and really didn’t look into things until after his passing in 1992.  I am slowly piecing together his movements and understanding the way things were back then in 1939- 1945.

My Journey to Kokoda is special to me as it will crystallize in my mind and the mind’s of my children who always want to attend the Anzac Day services, the great price paid by our men and women so long ago for the freedom we all now enjoy.

During the tough times along the track I will endure and succeed because I will think of those who’ve gone before me and those families we have raised money for at Auricht House.

I look forward to sharing the memories of the track with anyone who listens.


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