Kokoda to Isurava Village

Kokoda to Hoi

Kokoda to Hoi

Bernie called at 11am on Saturday 15th from Isurava Village. The Retreat trekkers are all well.
They left Kokoda at about 4pm on Friday, and walked for one and a half hours to Hoi. While this part of the Track isn’t particularly steep or hilly, it is somewhat open at this point and Bernie says it was hotter than at any point over the past week and a half.
They spent last night in Hoi, which is reportedly as beautiful as always. As they were having tea there was a bit of a downpour – a few leaky tents, but not too bad. This morning they walked to Isurava Village via Deniki – they are all talking about how hard that climb was, which is of great satisfaction to me and, I’m sure, all others who have done the walk from Kokoda and had to deal with the trekkers who’ve done the Track the other way saying “hard? there’s no steep climb there! ;)
This is a smaller, quieter group than the Tribute trek group. So far they’re walked at a fairly steady, easy pace. Ben has been wandering around in awe, wishing he had brought more camera batteries. Alice has been excellent, bringing enthusiasm and careful attention to detail to her role as medical officer, ensuring everyone takes the right drugs and dishing out advice as required. Peter is enjoying the lack of city sounds and, in particular, the lack of phones. Brian is loving the jungle but still can’t believe he has people putting his tent up for him!

Deniki to Isurava Village

Deniki to Isurava Village

The trekkers expect to arrive at the Isurava battlefield around 2pm today. Some of them hope to walk up to the B Company positions. The others will surely spend the afternoon enjoying the magnificent view while reflecting quietly on the sad significance of this most beautiful, moving site.

I’ve passed on the footy results but I’m sure the trekkers are also keen to hear from friends and family, so keep the messages coming and I’ll pass them on when possible.



10 Responses to Kokoda to Isurava Village

  • Hello everyone, wonderful to hear all this. Thank so much Bernie and Claire for the blog news!
    Graham remembers reaching the Isurava memorial as a significant Kokoda experience back in 2004 and trusts Ben has the opportunity to reflect on this in his own experience now. We are both with you in spirit and look forward to hearing all about it when you are home. No doubt the photos you have already will be fantastic, so enjoy the surrounding beauty and you can always paint / draw it when you are home:))
    It sounds like you are all finding your pace and we are thinking of you all.
    Love Danita and Graham

  • Hey Paul big buddy..!
    Mate, I hope your wearing well!
    Haven’t heard too much about your status as yet, but I’m confident that your in full focus and enjoying the superb views. Wish I was there to experience the moment, as also with Ben and the entire crew..!

  • Hi Lindsay!

    How are you getting on? Thinking of you every day and looking at the website to find out where you have been and find out the latest news.
    Trust you and all the team are very happy and fulfilled doing such a memorable trek.

    Love from David and Gwen

  • Hope you enjoyed beautiful Hoi and the lovely butterflies. Am thinking of you all and Alice we have a map with where you are up on the office wall. I am passing on updates to staff each day and am looking forward to being able to add Kokoda news to the team meeting when you return.

  • Loving the news and thinking of you all
    Ben keep up the photos hope the batts last !
    Get a good one of the memorial
    Love From Grandma and from Gwenda

  • Hey Guys , we just landed … what and adventure we had one last trip in a PMV! went to the yacht club in PNG , Liz taxi nearly ran out of petrol on the way and then Kokoda spirit pick us all up in a PMV , it was a laugh.. Hope the feet are healing Bernie , Catherine & Sam .. sounds like Sam & Alice have it all under control.. Lindsay hope your feet are as “perfect ” as they were when I left ..are you having fun yet?Julie your cloths are in the wash .. just put my ugg boots on and sipping a nice double back.. thinking of you all xx alma

  • To the Tribute Trekkers, welcome back.
    Glad to hear that you are all safe and that you have enjoyed your journey.

  • In response to a few queries as to how the photos are getting through from PNG: most of these photos are from previous Centacare Kokoda trips, used for illustrative purposes. Photo of Anne and Brenton from the airport and Corina in Kokoda are from this trip, taken during the brief periods in which Dad had mobile phone reception. I am sure that the Tribute trekkers will be uploading some of their photos to Facebook etc in coming days, and they may even send a couple through for uploading to the blog, so we can see just how wet and muddy their trek was :) Claire

  • Enjoy the warmth -It’s still winter over here. Hope the knees are hips are coping with the strain. MAy your onward journey be safe and free from marauders!

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