Retreat Trekkers Arrive At Templeton’s Crossing

Isurava Battlefield

Isurava Battlefield

Bernie called at 5.45pm and 7pm on Sunday. The trekkers are all well at Templeton’s Crossing.

Last night there was a bit of drama, I think as the trekkers were off having tea; a couple of camp dogs ripped up Lindsay and Julie’s tents and stole the scroggin from their packs! I think Julie’s tent was still useable, but Lindsay slept in a hut and repairs have been done to his tent (to allay any concerns: the camp dogs are fairly skinny, weak creatures; nothing to worry about in terms of attacks etc – unless, apparently, you’re a bag of peanuts and lollies…)

Sunday was a fairly long but amazing day, with a bit of everything. They started with a lovely dawn service at the Isurava monument. They also had a nice ceremony at Con’s Rock, where Butch Bissett died. Catherine sang Danny Boy really well, which I’m sure would have been very moving.

At Alola the trekkers got to catch up with Kila and Lovelyn and family, so Brian got to meet his wafe’s namesake, ‘baby’ Joan. They then had a nice walk from Alola to Eora Creek – as there is still no bridge there, they had to take off their boots and wade through.

The last hour to Templeton’s Crossing was very wet and muddy. They are staying at a new camp, on the other side of the creek. The bridge there has the engineers in the group gasping; quite an impressive structure apparently.

When Bernie called, the trekkers were sitting around having soup, waiting for tea. It was a very good day.



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5 Responses to Retreat Trekkers Arrive At Templeton’s Crossing

  • Hi guys
    Wish I was there to share the dream of trekking through the jungle with an amazing crew of enthusiastic people…!

    Ben, I hope you have Good connection and friendship with your porter..
    Stay strong Tribute gang and keep slogging Retreat crew..
    Both Danita and I have you all in our hearts.

    All the best
    Danita and Graham. ;)

  • Hi Guys,
    Sounds like a very moving day and exciting day also. Thinking that at the end of year show this year we should have Catherine singing Danny Boy. I’d pay for that performance live!!
    Keep up the good work, thinking of you all.

  • Well done guys – thinking of you. Glad you have had some dry times, but it wouldn’t be the same without some rain! Still dry, Pauline, but looking forward to Friday night.

  • Well done Group, and the memorial service would be very moving. Glad you have had some dry
    weather also. Keep taking those photos Ben hope the batteries are still working. Thinking of you
    love Grandma

  • Hi Guys; Sam whats wrong with your scrogam that the dogs are not interested in you?
    keep plodding on everyone, enjoy! wish i was there, not just looking at the photos. Lyall

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