Tribute Trekkers Home, Retreat Trekkers Arrive At Isurava



As you would know, the Tribute trekkers have now returned from PNG, and no doubt enjoyed their own beds (and showers) last night.
Meanwhile, the Retreat trekkers arrived at Isurava battlefield on Saturday afternoon, where they set up camp. They had a leisurely domestic afternoon with plenty of time to enjoy the monument, where they would have held a dawn service this morning.
In an indication that yesterday’s walk wasn’t as wet and slippery as what the Tribute trekkers encountered last week, Bernie reported that Zorana made it all the way to Isurava battlefield without a speck of mud on her pink socks…but then it rained, heavily and for a long time.
The plan for today is to walk to Templeton’s Crossing, via Alola and Eora Creek, although for the next few days they will play it by ear a bit in terms of how far they walk and where they set up camp. 


7 Responses to Tribute Trekkers Home, Retreat Trekkers Arrive At Isurava

  • Great to see the Retreat Trekkers are making good ground without the soggy start.
    All the best guys.

  • We’re sooooo proud of our mum! Love that she’s rocking the pink socks! Missing her heaps, hope that she and you all enjoy and make the most of your time there! Much love x

  • Well done and welcome back all the Tribute Trekkers. The service at Isurava would have been very special ! We are following the map and see where you would be. Looks like it was a big day today!
    Thinking of you all, love and hugs dear Ben, Danita x

  • Good luck every-one thinking of you as we ( Corina and Alma) sip on a few more beers.. reflecting on the adventures and the wonderful group the K12 are… hope you get more rain and mud before the swamp to get the full experience ..hehehe.. Julie the mud wont come out of your cloths!!!! Oh yeah who got my tent?????????

  • We had a bottle of O’Leary Walker riesling in your honour Julie. Keep walking girl!

  • Hope all is going well we are missing Peter Scherer and he would have been very proud of all the boys with all three teams winning the grand final games on saturday a very big day indeed xx

  • It sounds as if you are all going well and enjoying the trek so far so good , hope it continues good luck XX Lachlan Scherer sends love to all XX

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