K12s Going Strong

Big Myola

Big Myola

Bernie called at 7pm last night. The trekkers are all well.

I think they stayed at 1900 Crossing last night, although I’m not quite sure as the reception was  a bit patchy when Bernie was reporting their location.

Bernie reported that it was a hard walk to the top of Mount Bellamy, but otherwise a good day. They took a new track to visit Big and Little Myola, which was a ‘nice and cruisey’ walk.

They arrived at camp dry as there wasn’t much rain, and had a nice wash in the river and a ‘domestic’ afternoon around camp. They also had some presentations, with Catherine reading some nice poems and Brian talking about the 53rd Battalion.

They enjoyed some coffees and whiskey while marvelling at how quiet the place was.

I believe today will see them on Brigade Hill, then onwards to Menari (one of my favourites). They will likely camp there tonight, but they’ll see how they’re going.


6 Responses to K12s Going Strong

  • Fabulous news. Its so good to hear ! Searched the map for an idea where you are today guys ! Graham remembers the area well. Trust it will be spectacular and memorable for you all.
    Emailing and Posting the blog news on to other family &friends and they all wish you all well and are thinking of you. Cheers Paul. Hugs to our young man, thinking of you Beno. love danita xx

  • Good to hear that it isnt too wet,keep up the good work glad you are all enjoying it !!! love from lachlanXX

  • Hi Danita, sorry I couldn’t give you a better idea of where they were last night; bizarrely, I asked about three times and the line went fuzzy each time Dad answered, when the rest of what he said came through fine! They’re now at Efogi :) Claire

  • Greetings Retreaters, I hope now you’re over halfway there that your butts have fully recovered from the trucks and boats. Enjoy Menari (my porter Gino’s favourite village) and may the track rise up to meet you (but not rise as much as a Death Valley, Bitchface Hill or Wall). Good luck! Steelo

  • I
    am very interested in what Brian had to say about the 53rd Batallion On reflection I would rather be in PNG jungle than back at work in Brisbane Enjoy it while it lasts Love to Pauline and Alice and all of you doing us proud Chris

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