Itinerary – Kokoda September 2012

This year there were 3 options available to Team Members. We have listed details of the 3 options and combinations below, as well as the “planned” itinerary.

Option 1- Tribute Trek Owers Corner to Kokoda

Day 09 - Isurava to Kokoda

Day 09 - Isurava to Kokoda

September 4th –12th 2012
Featuring a memorial to the 2/27th Battalion on Brigade Hill on the 70th anniversary of their stand at Mission Ridge.

Option 2- Sanananda Interlude

September 12th – 14th 2012
A visit to Northern Beach sites of Gona, Buna and Sanananda

Option 3- Retreat from Kokoda

September 14th – 22nd 2012
The 10th and final Centacare Kokoda Trek will follow the Australian retreat from Kokoda to Owers Corner.

Date Option 1, 2 & 3 Option 1 & 2 Option 2 & 3
Mon September 3rd Port Moresby (PoM) Port Moresby (PoM)  
Tues September 4th Dump 66 Dump 66  
Wed September 5th Ioriabaiwa Ioriabaiwa  
Thurs September 6th Aguaro Aguaro  
Fri September 7th Brigade Hill Brigade Hill  
Sat September 8th 1900 Crossing 1900 Crossing  
Sun September 9th Eora Creek Eora Creek  
Mon September 10th Isurava via Abuari Isurava  
Tues September 11th Kokoda Kokoda Adelaide – PoM
Wed September 12th Sanananda Sanananda PoM Sanananda
Thurs September 13th Sanananda Sanananda Adelaide Sanananda PoM
Fri September 14th Kokoda/ Hoi Port Moresby (PoM) Kokoda/ Hoi
Sat September 15th Isurava   Isurava via plane
Sun September 16th Templeton’s Crossing   Templeton’s Crossing
Mon September 17th Bomber via Big Myola   Bomber via Big Myola
Tues September 18th Menari   Menari
Wed September 19th Nauro   Nauro
Thurs September 20th Ioriabaiwa   Ioriabaiwa
Fri September 21st Goldie   Goldie
Sat September 22nd Port Moresby (PoM)   Port Moresby (PoM)
Sun September 23rd Adelaide   Adelaide
Centacare Adelaide
Centacare Adelaide

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