Kokoda to Isurava Village

Kokoda to Hoi

Kokoda to Hoi

Bernie called at 11am on Saturday 15th from Isurava Village. The Retreat trekkers are all well.
They left Kokoda at about 4pm on Friday, and walked for one and a half hours to Hoi. While this part of the Track isn’t particularly steep or hilly, it is somewhat open at this point and Bernie says it was hotter than at any point over the past week and a half.
They spent last night in Hoi, which is reportedly as beautiful as always. As they were having tea there was a bit of a downpour – a few leaky tents, but not too bad. This morning they walked to Isurava Village via Deniki – they are all talking about how hard that climb was, which is of great satisfaction to me and, I’m sure, all others who have done the walk from Kokoda and had to deal with the trekkers who’ve done the Track the other way saying “hard? there’s no steep climb there! ;)
This is a smaller, quieter group than the Tribute trek group. So far they’re walked at a fairly steady, easy pace. Ben has been wandering around in awe, wishing he had brought more camera batteries. Alice has been excellent, bringing enthusiasm and careful attention to detail to her role as medical officer, ensuring everyone takes the right drugs and dishing out advice as required. Peter is enjoying the lack of city sounds and, in particular, the lack of phones. Brian is loving the jungle but still can’t believe he has people putting his tent up for him!

Deniki to Isurava Village

Deniki to Isurava Village

The trekkers expect to arrive at the Isurava battlefield around 2pm today. Some of them hope to walk up to the B Company positions. The others will surely spend the afternoon enjoying the magnificent view while reflecting quietly on the sad significance of this most beautiful, moving site.

I’ve passed on the footy results but I’m sure the trekkers are also keen to hear from friends and family, so keep the messages coming and I’ll pass them on when possible.



Tribute Trekkers Arrive In Kokoda

Hoi to Deniki
Hoi to Deniki


I heard from Bernie at 4pm today. The Tribute trekkers are all well in Kokoda.

They’re huddled under a canvas in heavy rain while the porters try to put up tents in a soggy field – the fun keep coming!

They are no doubt tired but ecstatic to have completed the trek, and will soon meet up with most of the Retreat trekkers. Most of that group will then head to the Northern Beaches.


Centacare Adelaide
Centacare Adelaide

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