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Team Member – James Trezona

James Trezona

22/8/12 Part 1

It’s been 2 years now since the idea of going to Kokoda is now a reality. This profile of which I have been putting off is now well overdue. What will I gain from Kokoda and what will I miss. I’ll miss not sharing it with Katie. The hard work Katie has put in not only with the training but with the fund raising for Auricht house. Over the last few weeks I’ve been thinking about this even to the point of writing it on the walks. We don’t stop long enough though.

Kokoda was always on the bucket list but has shot up. Reasons why for me.. I have no relatives to follow in their footsteps. I don’t know what I will feel or discover. While walking everyone talks about how hard but not so much the feelings. Just recently I discovered we will be covered by a canopy most of the time so views are few and far between. Many go back a second time. Time will tell if the opportunity comes up again.

About me well my adventures in trekking began in 2004 with a trip to Katmandu. Kilimanjaro is on the list and Macchu Picchu however every year we hear more of others amazing adventures and the list gets longer. The overland in Tassie, and love to get back to New Zealand. I always say work gets in the way.

I wonder how I will feel and am I prepared. This is pretty serious ‘word omitted’. Test of everything physical and mental. The preparation is huge. We get to sleep at night and not worry about what may be. Saying all that I am determined to have fun and absorb the beauty.

I have met along the way many dedicated individuals and a team in Centacare who ‘care’ for others and in particular Auricht house. I have been involved in surf lifesaving since I was 9 but see there is so much more outside of this. Through the group I am so grateful to have been able to walk so much of the local Adelaide hills area. The question on everyone’s lips is will there be an extended Misery in 2013?

27/8/12 Part 2 – More real time.

Here we sit now with less than 1 week to departure. Rather be walking than writing. I wonder if time will go quickly on the track. I’m gonna need a couple of beers to finish this off. Definitely looking forward to some beers at the end. They say see yourself at the end and work back from there.

I decided not to read anyone else’s profile before submitting mine. I won’t be tempted to write something similar. Challenge to have my picture taken with every trekker 2012 and get to know them. What other challenges lay before us.


Just talking with my boss at work tonight… I like to talk in real time… it was coincidence as I sat with him to go over outstanding work for the next two weeks and he asked me why I was doing it. I couldn’t answer. He said what will you say to yourself when it gets tough and it is hard… what is driving you. Thinking about it is completing the journey. Sure there are many things associated with the journey but ultimately it is the personal satisfaction of getting to the end and completing it. Strange but it makes you think. Maybe a little too much. All things aligned we all come out the other end and as Katie and I were talking last night when I and others are finished many others will still be on the track working the retreat. Wish you all well and look forward to the short moment when we are all together.



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Team Member – Chris Adey

Chris Adey

Chris Adey

Trekking Kokoda was never on my bucket list. Everest Base Camp was, and I did that for Centacare in 2006. However when I heard that 2012 was to be Bernie’s and Centacare’s last it was now or never. We (my wife, Jo and I) thought we could raise the funds – we had good results from quiz Nights last time.

What is different this time is the training and the numbers. Only 4 went to Everest – to have groups of 30 or more out on a Saturday is a bit mind blowing. In addition – I don’t remember doing many training walks for Everest (could be just memory loss or I’ve blocked them out) – but the extent and intensity of the Saturday walks this time has been a real eye-opener.

What has made the lead up to the Trek more relevant was Bernie’s insistence on reading about the fighting and the ordeal’s soldiers from both sides went through in ’42, something I had never done, I’m sorry to admit. Walking in their footsteps, trying to get some insight, will make the Trek more significant. I’ve also been fortunate enough to have had patients who were in New Guinea at this time and I’ve been able to talk with them about their experiences. So walking Kokoda means more now than it did at the start of the year.

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By now most should be up to a couple of training sessions a week. The Kokoda Spirit training guidelines may be a useful resource. Our draft Saturday walking program for the next few months looks like is located on the Events calendar. I encourage you to come to as many Saturdays as possible – not only for the fitness but also for the experience and rhythms of walking with a group. The Saturday walks also give you a rare access to good (if sometimes contradictory) advice about the Track.

I have also indicated walks that are particularly important as they will allow me to assess you fitness for Kokoda. I must see you on at least one of these walks. If you can’t do any of these I am happy to work with you on an alternative trial date.


Centacare Adelaide
Centacare Adelaide

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