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Janice features in Messenger Press

Janice makes the news

Janice makes the news


NURSE Janice Watt has climbed Mount Kinabalu in Borneo and completed the Kokoda Trail.

Now she has her sights firmly set on conquering Mera Peak in Nepal.

The Nailsworth resident, who sets off next month, is doing the trek to raise funds for Auricht House in Elizabeth North.

“It’s out at Elizabeth for young people with intellectual disabilities,” Ms Watt says. “It provides respite care for the children so the family can have some time off.”

The 50-year-old has been spending her weekends getting prepared by spending time at the gym and doing low-oxygen training.

“(Mera Peak) is over 6400m high,” she says.

Ms Watt, who completed the Kokoda Trail with her then 16-year-old son Tom in 2010, says her passion is walking.

“I think it’s just the sense that when you go out walking you just forget about everything else that’s going on in your life,” she says.

Abseil Training

Mera 2012 Abseil Training at Morialta
Mera 2012 Abseil Training

On Saturday March 10 all Mera Peak team members gathered at the Morialta Rockclimbing site for an introductory session on ropes, climbing techniques and abseiling. Instructor Rob Baker who climbed Mera Peak in 2004 demonstrated key rope techniques before sending each of the team over the side of the Morialta cliffs.

The team will spend the last 3 days of the climb wearing harnesses and being roped together as they cross the glacier. The final summit push will require some climbing using a Jumar (rope ascender) on a fixed line and then an abseil from the summit. The training day has allowed the team to become familiar with the techniques they will need.

Now we just need to add  snow, ice, wind and 6470m of altitude!

Meet The 2012 Team Members – Frank Favaro

After participating in the 2004 Centacare challenge to the base camp of Mt Everest, I jumped at the opportunity to be involved with the Centacare 2012 Mera Peak challenge.

My wife Maria and I are keen supporters of a number of charities and Centacare is a very cherished cause. Whilst climbing Mera Peak, Maria, my son Nicholas, daughter Jessica and the team at Chianti Classico will be contributing 10% of their hard earned tips to the fundraising efforts.

Having built my family’s restaurant Chianti Classico (along with Maria and many dedicated staff members), into one of the most esteemed Italian restaurants in Adelaide, I am no stranger to hard work or a challenge and look forward to conquering Mera Peak.

Meet The 2012 Team Members – Warwick Bowden


I was enticed to enlist for the Mera adventure by Centacare CEO Dale West. It was Dale’s previous climbs which inspired me to tackle Kilimanjaro to celebrate turning 60 a few years ago. I still find the idea that you can cover any distance, or scale any height, by putting one foot in front of the other often enough, to be quite staggering.

My partner Jayne has been very supportive, losing me to Mt Lofty climbs on the weekends. I have promised her its joint holidays from 2013 onwards. Grown children Matthew, Sam and Heath are quietly dubious of their father’s motives and sanity, although Matthew has invited me to join him on a Kokoda trek later in the year (very excited about this).

I am also lucky to spend my weekdays amongst workmates at Macquarie Equities (27 years this November) who are incredibly active and adventurous, so there is loads of inspiration all around me.

Meet The 2012 Team Members – Janice Watt

JaniceI joined the Centacare “cult” in 2010 to walk the Kokoda Trail /Track. This enabled me to combine my love for adventure with my community spirit. Over the last year I have climbed Mt Kinabolu in Borneo and completed tour Mt Blanc. Thereby managing to eat, drink, and trek through Italy, France and Switzerland in 12 days.

I have worked at Ashford hospital as a registered nurse for the last 22 years. My interests include walking, cycling, reading and spending lots of time with family and friends.

My 18 year old and 22 year old sons are praying that their mother will grow up and act her age some time soon. Unfortunately I can’t see that happening anytime in the foreseeable future, especially after last Saturday’s abseil.

With the help of family and friends I have been working hard to complete my challenge to raise money for Auricht House, now I am looking forward to the challenge of climbing Mera Peak.

If you wish to support Janice’s fundraising efforts you can visit her sponsorship website at

Meet The 2012 Team Members – Di Walker


Growing up in Tasmania, bushwalking was a favourite activity from a young age.  In spite of this, the trip to Mera Peak will be a huge challenge and will be sure to push me and test my limits.  It’s certainly a test I hope I can meet!

As a GP I’m acutely aware of the importance of Auricht House in the Adelaide community.  I have been privileged with working directly with Dr Clive Auricht when I first started my career in General Practice at Crafter Medical Centre.

I would like to thank everyone around me who are being extremely supportive this adventure- colleagues, patients, family and friends included!

If you wish to support Di’s fundraising efforts you can visit her sponsorship website at

Meet The 2012 Team Members – Dominic Reppucci


Able to climb mountains in a single bound….well maybe not a single bound, however I did successfully climb to Base Camp in 2004 as part of the Centacare Everest Base Camp Challenge.

Married to Gina with two adult children Daniella and Joseph, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, enjoy local football supporting North Adelaide Football Club, cooking, making smallgoods and long Sunday lunches.

I have worked at Centacare for 11 years and currently the Executive Manager for the IT & Infrastructure unit. I have seen the need to support families who have a member with an intellectual disability have access to respite care. Centacare’s Auricht House provides respite care by way of overnight/weekday stays and school holiday activities. So not only is Mera Peak going to be a personal challenge but also an opportunity for me to give back to the community by fundraising for Auricht House.

If you wish to support Dom’s fundraising efforts you can visit his sponsorship website at

Meet The 2012 Team Members – Margie Anderson

Margie Anderson in Training

A bit about me…I have lived in a few countries, born in Scotland, grew up in South Africa, studied and worked in New Zealand and now resident in Oz.

My hobbies are creating stained glass windows possibly related to my father being a scientific glassblower. I work, walk, play tennis, garden and have a 20year old son in 2nd year medicine. I am also passionate about health in bodies, soul and spirit but am addicted to adrenaline and adventure.

Two years ago I stood on top of the highest mountain in Africa – an amazing experience and total exhilaration. After giving birth and qualifying and working as a surgeon, it ranks in the top five of my experiences in life.

Mera peak, being 580 metres higher, will be another incredible challenge and this time it’s for others in our community who need help and support.

Thank you to everyone who has donated.

Hope you enjoy the daily updates of our journey with us. God bless.

2012 Mera Peak Key Supporters

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