Hotel Shanker

Rest and Recovery

The team is now safely back in Kathmandu. After a short walk from Chutanga down to Lukla on Saturday morning they had a leisurely day followed by the first of a number of celebratory dinners.

Sunday’s flight from Lukla to Kathmandu was mercifully uneventful. In a less than an hour’s flying time the team were transported from the fresh cool air of an isolated mountain village to the warm and humid chaos of Nepal’s capital.

Afternoon activities were segregated according to Dom. Margie, Di and Janice were off shopping while Warwick, Frank and Dom headed for a shave. Frank was allegedly also lining up for a manicure.

Last night they were heading for another celebration dinner in one of the many excellent

Around the pool at the Shanker

restaurants near the Shanker Hotel, before spending a couple more days rest and relaxation around the pool in the gentile surrounds of the Shanker.

Margie is on an earlier flight and should be back in Adelaide at 8.10am on Tuesday morning (Singapore  SQ279). The others are due in on Thursday morning, also at 8.10am.

Thank you readers for your support of Centacare’s Mera Peak Team 2012. Many messages of support were relayed to the team and were most appreciated when the going was at its toughest. Your donations for Auricht House are also most appreciated.

If the team’s adventures have given you the taste for a similar challenge then contact me at  – Centacare’s Mera Peak Challenge 2013 is now being considered.


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Preparation day

Dom working out which way is up on his harness

The team have had a very busy day in Kathmandu. Adventure Consultants guide, New Zealander Mark Morrison, did a thorough gear check. Mark’s patient, organised and laid back demeanor has inspired confidence in the group. I understand Margie has hired a container to store the excess gear she has which Mark says will not be required on the mountain. There were reports though of Margie attempting to smuggle some of the extra thermals, possum skin gloves and wool beanies back into her backpack.

The team have collected all their mountaineering gear, tried on boots and had a practice with crampons and harnesses. Then it was time for some sightseeing in Kathmandu, described by Janice as one of the most amazing and chaotic place she has ever seen – where to cross the street is to take your life into your hands. (This from a woman who has spent time in Port Moresby!) Amongst other places the team visited Pashupatinath, the sacred Hindu temple and place of funeral rituals. Margie was last seen doing some shopping for more gear.

Back to the Shanker for a restful coffee by the pool and then into rooms to pack, repack and then repack again.

As I write this the team will be at Kathmandu Airport, having been woken for a 4am start, and hoping that fog will permit an early flight to Lukla.


In Kathmandu

The Team have arrived safely in Nepal.  I understand a team of Sherpas was on standby to help Margie unload her carry-on luggage from the plane but the airport and customs were successfully negotiated without drama. The team made their way through the chaos of Kathmandu traffic to the relative calm of the Hotel Shanker. The Shanker comes from the pages of a Rudyard Kipling novel and will be home for the next 2 days. Tasks for today will include a thorough gear check, some last minute gear shopping and hopefully some time for sightseeing.

Hotel Shanker - home until Tuesday


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